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Musks & Fragrance
is one of the most dependable & quality supply source for Aromatic Chemicals, Essential Oils, Flavours & Perfumery Products, Agrochemical Intermediates, Drug Intermediates & Plasticizers from India as well as overseas sources.

, is a Group Company of   was started in 1985.



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In Year 2014 MUSKS & FRAGRANCE was Appointed as an Authorised Indenting Agent by M/s. Jiaxing Zhonghua Chemical Co., Ltd., China for Vanillin (Eternal Pearl Brand), Vanillin (Julan Brand) & Ethyl Vanillin (Eternal Pearl Brand).

is offering in Indian Market products based on buy Cheap Instagram Followers and Likes on CHIRAROMA which is Noble Prize Winner Technology..

At World Perfumery Congress, introduced
Sauvignone 100, Humus Ether, Hindinol, L-Muscone & Polyambrol (Ambrinol 20 T).



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